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When it comes to implementation of IT, the Nigeria education communities, especially the Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools are seen maintaining a low profile. The reason behind this being that cold response towards technology is the mindset. Schools generally consider IT as a subject to be taught rather than a tool to be used. Education system forms the backbone of every nation. The success of this system lies in correct knowledge dissemination process blended with smooth and efficient functioning of management system.

If we give a closer look at the Nigerian education community specially the schools we will see how disorganized they are when it comes to administration and management. Technology can play a very crucial role in streamlining the whole system of education but schools tend to ignore this fact because of some myths or preconceived notion. According to school community technology is a subject to be taught rather than a tool to be used. They also fail to see the miracle due to the wrong vendor or product selection.


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We at Binahlab have understudied our school system and all the problems surrounding it. We have gone ahead to solve some of this problem by developing a total school management system – a software that helps the school manage students’ records, results and activities in the school. This software is in the form of a portal, it can be hosted online on the school’s website to be used from any location in the world, or as an intranet, to be used within the school’s local network.


The benefits of this portal are enormous and can’t be over emphasized. To list but a few are:

  • Manage student’s information or profile
  • Manage results and academic activities
  • Generate students’ results with a few clicks every semester
  • Save cost of all the paper works.