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Electronic claim submission module

This module makes it possible for claims to be submitted online. With this module be rest assured that only valid (according to your parameters and scales) claims upon any encounter will be allowed for posting into the system by the healthcare providers. This will reduce the time for vetting and human errors therein.

Smart Identity management

HealthOne Smartcards are microchip based cards or an electronic ID cards that stores basic enrollee’s information like HMO’s Name, enrollee’s Name, Blood group, Personal Identification Number (PIN), enrollment date, expiry date and type or category of health Plan. Chip based cards are the fastest, most secured and reliable method of identification. That’s why CBN required that Banks in Nigeria Migrate to a chip based ATM cards to mitigate frauds.

These cards are highly customizable to include enrollee’s picture and issuing HMO’s details. Without being told this makes access to healthcare fast and safe. It eliminates conventional paper or plastic ID cards and hours of browsing through enrollees’ list.

During verification the smart ID card presented by the patient (Enrollee) is inserted into the mobile card reader above which is battery powered. This device displays all the required information needed to validate the bearer within some split seconds.


The Your Organization portal would be provided with a message board which all participating Healthcare Providers can hookup to for effective communication. This will keep everyone on the same page.

Accounts and bill management module

With this module you can create account for each participating healthcare provider. Each participant can login into their account anytime to post bills and check the status of already posted bills, and to review their transaction journals.

From this module your organization would be able to maintain a smart electronic journal or all the claims and bills submitted by each participating healthcare provider. It also makes account reconciliation easy and transparent between both parties.

Enrollment and enrollee’s management module

This module helps in online real-time enrolment of all the interested persons, companies and government agencies. It keeps a database of all the enrollees in your organization and provides an easy enrollee’s management platform. This information can even been made accessible to the entire participating healthcare provider as regards to members that have been assigned to them.